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Scraps in Loose Leaf can be either imported images or cuts of paper made using the scissors.

Moving Scraps
To move scraps around the page, pick up the scrap with two fingers. Then you can pinch to zoom the scrap in or out, and move it around the page

Move Scraps to other pages
To move scraps to other pages, drag and drop the scrap into the right-hand edge of the screen - this will add the scrap to the sidebar. Next you can navigate to any other page, and simply tap the scrap in the sidebar to add it to that other page.

You can also continue to hold the scrap while you turn pages left/right with two other fingers. Then simply drop the scrap onto the new page.

Cutting Scraps
All scraps and images can be cut and cropped with the scissors tool into smaller arbitrary shapes. Simply select the scissors tool and then draw on the scrap where you'd like to cut it.

Reordering Scraps
To move a scrap in front of or behind another scrap, first pick it up with two fingers, and next shake the scrap. Each shake will move the scrap will change its ordering.


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